Why you do not want fake YouTube views

According to a recent study done by Gartner, in the next year, at least 10%-15% of reviews posted online will be conjured up by companies hoping to get a higher ranking on Yelp or other major review sites. The same goes for online video views on Youtube.

Most review sites including Yelp are on the lookout for fake reviews, both positive and negative, and businesses found doing this could get blacklisted. Google doesn't take too kindly to Youtube users who use fake views to pad their status. Recently, top record labels such as RCA, Sony and Universal lost over 2 billion in combined views of their music posted on Youtube, and in fact, some of their videos were simply deleted from the database.

People employ all kinds of black hat techniques to get their merchandise moving in a slow market, and it's the same concept with Youtube where more views suggest a more "official" post. Google has for a long time been trying to get back control of their search engine by punishing websites that employ shady tactics to sustain higher rankings, and Youtube is just as committed to eliminating fake views, likes, favorites, etc.

Why you do not want fake YouTube views

Universal Music Group took the biggest hit when their number of combined video views was reduced by more than one billion and Sony wasn't doing any better because they lost 850 million views in less than 24 hours. By comparison, RCA doesn't have much to complain about since they only lost 120 million views in the operation that saw the top music labels lose a staggering number of views.

Though it is possible that this loss in views is due to videos being moved to Vevo, the bottom line is, if you get fake views, they won't last forever and their could be even more dire consequences. Sites such as Yutube are now doing regular checks to make sure users are not running such scams. Over 500 users have had their accounts affected because of violating the website's TOS.

Youtube specifies clearly in their TOS on item 4, section H that using automated methods to manipulate views is prohibited. Most users thought it was some kind of technical error or bug affecting their accounts until Google's ytDangler issued an official statement about it on Google forums:

"This was not a bug or a security breach. This was an enforcement of our viewcount policy."

Most users who spent cash to boost their views mentioned popular black market site such as Black Hat World, YouLikeHits and AddMeFast as their preferred choice for the service. Some of the sites being used to boost views promise over 10,000 views in less than 24 hours for as little as $5. These websites promise fake Likes on Facebook, Followers on Twitter and thousands of Website and Youtube views, and it seems like a significant number of users have used the service and went against the TOS of these sites.


Video exposure is an excellent way to reach and interact with customers, and Push Views is an excellent company to do this with. Lots of businesses have been ruined because of breaking website TOS and that doesn't have to happen. If you are considering using videos to market your music on Youtube, just try Push Views, since Push Views will stick to the rules. Google is on the hunt, and it's not worth the risk for your business.

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